The rebuke is made for improvement

It is absolutely necessary to have a supervision made by the abbot, abbess or another nun, older or younger. When there is an inner humbleness and watchfulness to our own self, we`ll see how much benefit our soul will receive coming out of this.

If nobody supervises us how will we make any spiritual progress? How will we find our salvation? What will we do when we don`t have any supervision? Someone works somewhere and he has superiors and subordinates. If the worker makes a mistake, he is controlled and rebuked to improve.

The rebuke is made for improvement. We should not get upset when we are rebuked and wonder `why were we told that?` or `the abbess didn`t think at all and told me that thing.`

When we are attached of the will of God and of Christ`s love, having a great trust in Him, we won`t feel offended at all, on the contrary, we`ll feel much joy and gladness.`

We should get upset when we are not rebuked, for in this way we deprive ourselves of the greatness of God`s grace. This is given us as a gift and nobody can imagine its greatness.

Excerpt from Words from the heart – Abbess Macrina Vassopoulos,  Evanghelismos, 2015

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