The forced vaccine is like the rape

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

What is it due for the priests and servants of the Church to speak ? Who, when and on what reason can a priest be stopped speaking? These questions must be clarified because too many times the mouth of the priests is shut up everywhere.

The priests are due to speak about everything relates to God and the man, about the man in his falls and splendor.

I don`t think he should speak about money or gains and plans – the human plans are an abomination before God and many times Christ and the apostles condemn them – it is enough for the day its own wickedness. He should not make party politics and be a guarantor for the rich of this world.

But you can`t take the priest to the attic of history and ask him to speak only about Julian the Apostate or Constantine the Great. From history we see that Saints involved in the polemics of the times becoming many times a folly for the emperor and being judged and condemned for what they said. Any idea and creed on fashion which confused the minds of the believers was attacked and discussed by the saints.

That is why the issue of the forced vaccination with all the commotion it provoked it is a matter which represents the subject of our discussions. The entire phenomenon has all the attributes of a new faith meant to change our knowledge about man. The vaccine is a medical matter but its obligatoriness is a theological question.

If we admit apriori that the man in his natural condition can`t be tolerated and only a vaccine or ten can save him it means that God didn`t create the man well. I repeat it is not condemnable the vaccine but the idea of its obligatory making 

Nobody can intervene in a foreign body without the free consent of the person. This principle has always been respected in medicine.

Any treatment applied without consent was considered illegal and it was equal to torture.

Yes the medicine and medical treatments are good in themselves but not their application by force.

The forced vaccination is like the rape – theoretically it is like love but in fact it is a penal deed.

When someone stays closed in the house is for rest but to close someone in the house is a sequestration and it falls under criminal law.

The problem of infringement of the rights and freedoms is not necessarily a theological theme – why to make democratic protests when Christ in person was arrested and He didn`t protest. Our theme is the attack against the idea of perfection of the human nature which is harmed by the idea  that it can`t face a disease (no matter what disease would be).

We confess that the man is well made by God subject to corruption and death as a result of the fall of our forefathers but who was restored in Jesus Christ through whose Resurrection the whole human nature received a way to resurrection. Anyone is free to choose the cures for his diseases and listen to the doctors but nobody should force anyone not even if he could take him to h

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