The distance between us…

One day an old man asked his nephews the following question:

`Why do the men shout when they are upset?`

`We shout because we lose our calm` said one of them.

`But why shouting when the other person is near you?` asked the old man again.

`Well, we shout to be sure that the other one hears us` tried to answer another nephew

The grandfather asked again :

`Anyway , wouldn`t it be possible to speaker with a lower voice?`

But no answer from those he received satisfied him.

Then he explained:

`Do you know why we shout at one another when we are upset ? The truth is that when two persons quarrel, their hearts distance from one another very much. For covering this distance they have to shout to be able to hear each other. The more upset they are, the louder they need to shout because of the much longer distance between them.`

On another side what happens when two persons are in love? They don`t shout at all. They speak gently, in a low voice. Why? Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is very close. Sometimes their hearts are so close that they don`t even speak, only whisper. When love is more intense there is no more need not even to whisper, it is enough to look and their hearts understand each other. This happens when two persons who love each other have close hearts.

In the end the old man concluded saying:

`When you discuss do not let your hearts be separated of one another, do not say words which estrange you even more of one another, because there will come one day when the distance will be that big your hearts won`t find any way back.

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