The diligent, the lazy and the temptations

One morning a boy went to his grandfather and asked him :

`Grandpa, you’re always saying that we must ran away of sins but how can I protect myself of temptations?`

`My son, tell me, if someone wanted to hunt a bird and saw one above him flying and another one standing on the branch of a tree, which one you think he would shoot?`

`The hunter would shoot the bird that is standing on the branch, of course. There are more chances to hit her than to hit the flying one that’s like an arrow in the air.`

`You see, my son. The men are just the same. When you are diligent and always preoccupied to do as much and as good as possible the devil can’t harm you with his temptations. But he easily tempts the lazy and negligent one and he immediately falls into sin.

The man was not created by God to stay and waste time but to try and work profitably and zealously because only in this way he will find peace and joy in life.

Keep your hands at work and your mind and heart at God!

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