The Tower of Babylon from nowadays

After the deluge the people went again astray from the path of God and they waited for another deluge. That is why they began to build The Babel Tower (meaning the city of Babylon)

They aimed to raise it above the clouds of the skies so that the waters could not have drowned them anymore.

For their madness, God confused their languages and they could not finish anything. The world of nowadays is no better of the one from those times. Today all people know they estranged themselves of God and for this they expect the divine punishment. But instead of choosing the ark of the law and escape (meaning the ship of the Church) by their righteous faith and repentance, instead of seeking God, the men confused by civilization build again for themselves towers like in the old times with Babylon.

The Tower of Babylon of nowadays is not a building made of stone or bricks, but the crazy run after inventions. The world says that the invention of the modern machines and weapons eases their life and ensure their safety, meaning it keeps us sheltered. But how wrong is this idea! As we see how since some time since the world became modernized and the inventions increased, the wickedness increased as well and man`s life became more bitter and more dangerous.

The world has never been so troubled and despaired like nowadays when our civilization evolved

As we see this advanced civilization with the new fashion taught the men to walk around rather naked, which means shame was left aside. It taught the men not to seek God anymore, succeeding to break the Holy Faith. It taught the rulers to cheat more and enslave the peoples more and worse than the pharaohs of Egypt. In other words the need for civilization strangled the justice and freedom of the world. False civilization taught the people to invent, to devise the most powerful weapons for the destruction of the world and by this it cast out love from earth.

Excerpt from For those with a poor soul like mine – Saint John Jacob from Neamt Doxologia Publishing via

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