How to receive insults?

Strive with all your might to maintain inner peace and do not let the insults of others disturb you. You will achieve this by refraining from anger through any means and keeping your mind and heart clearheaded and free from improper impulses.

Receive the insults of others without being troubled, as if they were not directed towards us. Such behavior can bring peace to our souls and make them a dwelling place for God.

An example of this lack of malice can be observed in the life of Saint Gregory the Miracle Worker: a promiscuous woman publicly asked the Saint for a reward, as if he had committed a sin with her. He did not get angry at all and instructed one of his friends to give her what she requested. As soon as the woman took the unjust reward, she was demonized. However, the hierarch prayed and freed her from the demon.

If it is not possible for us to remain undisturbed, we must at least control our tongue as the Psalmist says: ‘I am troubled and cannot speak’ (Psalm 76:4).

Excerpt from A Seraphim Among Men – Saint Seraphim of Sarov, Egumenita Publishing.

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