Any pain, any trouble, any toil is sent to us for strengthening us spiritually

A faithful man fell quite often into despair and by doing so he forgot about the will of God. Someone advised him to write down in a notebook all the blessings he received from God. After some months his notebook was full. There are blessings which we usually forget fast but that man wrote them all in his notebook and kept them in his heart. However from time to time he was still overwhelmed by despair.

“It was enough for me to look in my notebook” – that man said – “and realize once more how much God loves me and in order to see the black clouds vanishing and my soul filling with joy and hope, I never cease to thank and praise God.

But not everything comes from God seems to us to be a real blessing. On the contrary, some things seem so hard as if they were some unbearable burdens and in such cases our mind can’t focus on thanks, but starts to complain.

You should understand faithful soul that everything happens in life comes from the mercy of God even if things seem to you covered by a veil of darkness.

Try to pass by your faith over that veil and you will discover mercy and you will recognize it as being so.

Any pain, any trouble, any toil is sent to us for strengthening us spiritually and for teaching us that we should bring thanks for everything made us cry and by this to praise the Lord.

Excerpt from Any day is a gift from God: 366 useful words for all the days of the year, Sophia Publishinjg, pag.112



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