Prayer to the Holly Trinity

Holy Trinity, Triune Authority, Giver  of all goodness; what will we repay You for everything you gave us the sinners and the unworthy, things that You created before our birth in the world and for everything You give everyone of us every day and for everything you prepared for us for the age to come?

So it was due, for such numerous blessings and mercies, to thank You, not only by our words, but mostly by our deeds, guarding and accomplishing Your commandments; and we, with our irrational passions and bad habits, threw ourselves in uncountable sins and misdeeds.

For this, as humans who are defiled, we would not dare to appear before Your threefold bright Face and call Your most holy name, if You did not please to give us annunciation for our comfort; because You love the righteous and pure and You save the sinners who repent and receive them mercifully.

Therefore look to us, the most sinful, oh divine Trinity, from the height of Your holy glory; and receive our goodwill instead of good deeds and give us the spirit of  true repentance; and by hating sin, to spend our lives piously and righteously till the end, fulfilling Your holy will and glorifying with pure conscience and good deeds Your sweetest and most acquiesced name. Amen.