Pious elder Theodor (Pious Theodor the Hermit celebrated on 5th of June) was an eunuch from his youth and leaving the world he became a monk and went in the desert of Jordan. And many toils he bore trying to be pleasant to God; and for this he received from God the gift of making wonders. And once he needed to go to Constantinople and he went to the seashore and found a ship which was going there, and he climbed aboard. And while floating on their way it happened that the ship got lost on the sea and their drinking water finished. For this reason the sailors and the travelers from the ship were in a state of shock and sadness. And pious Theodor standing up and raising his hands to the sky prayed fervently to God Who saves the souls of men from death

Then with his prayer he made the sign of the cross on the waters of the sea and said to the sailors:

`Blessed is God, take as much water you need!` And when they took water and drank from it they saw the sea water taste turned from its saltiness into sweetness, like the drinkable water of the rivers.

So they filled their vessels with sweet water from the sea and all of them glorified God and made low bows to the elder. And pious Theodor said:

`Forgive me, my lords, but this miracle of the Almighty God was not made for me, but for you, because you were upset you didn`t have water.

Cause God saw your sadness and your fear of death. And He showed mercy to you and turned the saltiness of the sea water in the sweetness of the river water.

After that the ship found its way, with the prayers of this pious saint, and they reached in a short time the shore. And this elder Theodor made many other miracles and afterwards he went to God

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