I have no sin

A proud and unfaithful man was always bragging that he didn’t need God since his soul was like a white sheet of paper. Therefore he could live his life honorably and nicely without Christ.

One day, going on a trip with many other people, reached a very secluded monastery, in the middle of the forest. There was living a monk renowned for his wisdom and the proud man wanted to talk for a while with the old hermit. When he got in the monk’s cell, the monk told him about God and sin. The haughty man refrained as much as he could, but at his departure he said:

I don’t need any God, as long as my life and soul are like a white sheet of paper.

The monk nodded and said smiling:

Well, well, I’ll say the same like you. But then mind your eye so that the devil won’t write his name on it!

The haughty man kept silent but getting out of the cell, he mused and walking on his way was wondering:

Is it so white as I say about it? And thinking deeper about his deeds he saw his numerous sins. Then coming to his senses, he realized the sins he had committed and felt an acute need for God’s help!

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