The monk’s wisdom

Once a ruler renowned for his brilliant mind heard that far away, in a secluded monastery, was living an old monk of a rare wisdom and wanting to see for himself the truth of this rumour, he went to that holy place and asked to see the monk. When the man came, humble and submissive, the ruler wanted to try him in an unusual way and said:

“Father, can I ask you something?”

“Sure, your grace, ask me!”

“You see, I’ve already asked you.”

“And I’ve already answered.”

“What did you answer me?”

“But what did you ask me?”

Seeing his wisdom, the ruler spent a lot of time since then with the old monk that was always appreciated and sought  by nobles and common people as well, who came from afar for his useful advice, springing from his faith and wisdom.

“Wisdom is a fountain of life.” (Holy Scripture)

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