Let us think nicely

A woman came to the priest from the village and told him :

`Father, I am always troubled and tempted by all kinds of thoughts. The negative thoughts influence me all the time and they cause in my soul and my heart so much anxiety…These negative thoughts seem to persist more and more in my life and I can`t get rid of them. Please give me a spiritual advice to get rid of them.

Then the priest told her :

`The bad thoughts come from the tempter but with God`s permission. God doesn`t want to move us away of His Love through them, He wants to make us return to the obedience towards Him. Turn the bad thoughts in some serene thoughts. Try in every moment of your life to think nicely to the glory of God and of men. The bad thoughts bring anxiety in you but the serene thoughts bring peace and tranquility to your soul. So remember: let us think nicely.

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