God didn`t create robots. The man doesn`t perform motions, he is moved by feelings

Let us imagine that God would not have made us free and we would have been some parts from big machinery which at pressing a button would start moving and performing their own motion as programmed by the builder. I can`t believe that a mankind made up of such wheels would be interesting.

The wheels would not be interested in living controlled in this way, nor would be God, who would not find any satisfaction in building such mechanical toys. Even children leave their toys after a while. They are not interested in them anymore. To be free it means not to be a mechanical toy.

That is why the man has a soul and mind and freedom and he is capable of the most ingenious and unexpected initiatives and creations and feelings which make his life beautiful, interesting and dear. For this reason the people want to live as much as they can and they want to live eternally.

Excerpt from New interpretations at ancient texts– Metropolitan Antonie Plămădeală,  Sophia Publishing House, via http://doxologia.ro

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