The voice of the babies in the Church

Priest Alexandru Lungu

I have never understood how a living Church can exist without the voice of the babies. If there is an absolute silence it means that priest assumed the role of guardian and not of a father. I can`t imagine a more complete Liturgy than when my voice is covered by the voices of the children

How can exist in the house of God rules of good behavior for a child? Meaning not to breathe not to stroll and eventually to make all the ritualistic gestures like a robot? His mere presence is a prayer in itself.

A child who leaves every Sunday morning his bed to spend an hour and a half with Christ offers us the greatest lesson of fidelity.

I don`t think we are allowed to stop a child from the Holy Communion. We commit the greatest sacrilege when Christ tells us loudly and clearly: `Let the children come to Me, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these.`

Education starts at home and is fulfilled in time. In the Church we don`t keep order and discipline with the pole, we don`t bully them or interdict to them what God allowed them to be.

A Church which is not filled with children is like a green tree but without fruit. I can`t imagine a Holy Liturgy without at least a baby`s cooing, an exclamation of joy and even a loud cry from a new born.

If you entered a Church and you didn`t stumble upon a toy car or you didn`t see a mother rocking her baby this means there is no communion of grace. In the presence of the children in the Church is shown the heart full of love of a perfect community.

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