Cut off everything relates to your own will

`From the heart emerge the evil thoughts`

But where do they come from in the heart? Their root is in the sin which lives inside us and their distinction multiplication and variety come from one`s own will.

What is to be done then ? For the start cut everything relates to your will. This is as if someone tore the leaves of a tree cut its branches and trunk till its root.

Then do not allow to appear new sprouts and the root will dry. In other words do not allow evil thoughts to emerge from your heart and those who come out cut them and push them away and the sin which lives within us not receiving new reinforcements will get weakened and become completely helpless in this lies the essence of the command: `be on guard, keep awake. Beware of yourselves and fasten your thoughts` Vigilance must be combined with discernment.

From the heart do not come out only the bad things but also the good ones. However not any good thing our heart inspires must be fulfilled. What must be fulfilled indeed is decided by discernment. Discernment is the knife of the gardener  who cuts some branches and ingrafts others.

Excerpt from Interpretations from the Holy Scripture for every day of the year saint Teophanus the Recluse , Sophia, 2015.

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