Struggle for existence

Do not believe in the big illusion called `struggle for existence`. This expression has a sense only if it means struggle for God, otherwise it is meaningless.

For the one who found his life in God, there is no more struggle for existence. God is in no struggle at all with anyone. Only the presence of God brings the victory of God.

The struggle to exist in the common sense of the word means struggle to keep the body for a long time here on earth. This is therefore not a struggle for life, but a struggle for the body.

It may be clearly seen that this expression is deceitful from the fact that people who didn`t know it, didn`t live neither shorter in their body  nor unhappier than those who lived following it. On the contrary! Life is not stolen, it is given with benevolence by the Giver of life.

Life is taken away from the one who steals life.

Imagine that the pots full of oil would start fighting to see which ones from them will remain and which ones will perish. What will the potter do? First he will take out the oil from the pots, as the oil is more precious than the pots and afterwards he will watch for a while the funny fight of the empty pots and in the end he will break them all and will make some new ones.

From those who struggle for existence not thinking at God as the spring of life, God takes away life and leaves them like some empty pots.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and evil – Saint Nicholas Velimirovich,  Predania Publishing.

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