There were a lot of games on the way. A child his father was holding by the  hand was sobbing without cease although he had just bought him a game before. It was obvious that he wanted something more. He was crying and sobbing and pulling his father to the place where he wanted to go. But his father, keeping calm was whispering softly, soothingly: ”Calm down, Antonaki! Don’t get angry, Antonaki! Control yourself, Antonaki!”

The lady who was coming behind them was almost indignant seeing the behavior of that spoiled child. And she marveled at the father’s composure. That’s why she wanted to congratulate him for this :

”Dear sir, I’d like to congratulate you for your mildness.” ” If it were my child, I wouldn’t have been able to control myself.” ”I would have slapped his ass twice or thrice so that he would have remembered it.”

Then she turned to the child and said: ”Good children don’t behave the way you do, Antonaki.” ”They don’t cry in the street and don’t upset their father.”

The child stopped for a while from crying and looking wonderingly at the woman, told her: ”My name is not Antonaki, but Iannis.” ”My father’s name is Antonaki”…


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