In the problems of faith no sentimentalisms fit

Monk Theoclate the Dionyonisiate

Let us unite. But how? Unite the truth with the lie, the light with the darkness? The believers of the Church with those who denies the church?

Let us unite, yes, but after the heretics will leave their heresies. In the matters of faith there is no room for human feelings. The Church of Christ `by the words of His Mouth kept the rough paths.` There is no middle way. We either believe or not. The ten centuries old Catholicism fell into heresies so it must leave them and afterwards come to the dogmatic and ecclesiastic union, meaning that our Church has been wandering astray for ten centuries. Not only for ten centuries but it has  always been astray since the times of the Ecumenical Councils and of the Holy Fathers and everything falls apart. Thus we must rectify the Holy Canons, complete the Creed, change the liturgical books,  whitewash the walls where are present the Holy Fathers and burn their icons since they had led us astray for so many centuries…We are not governed by endless hate against those who have another faith. We are not some blind fanatics. We only feel the need, as sons of the Orthodox Church, to give the testimony of the Lamb. The Orthodox Church has kept unchanged the faith, the dogmas and the morals and it is our duty to know this. We light the candle of faith and those who are in the darkness may draw close.

Do they want explanations? Do they want `a word about our faith?` We are ready to give it to them. But not to tangle the matters. Not to fall into heresies. Not to become a reason for the heretics to say that we doubt our most bright Orthodoxy. Those we received through the Holy Spirit, we protect with the greatest care. We don’t know any other things, other human innovations. We know the anathemas settled by our Holy Church at the Ecumenical Councils for those who renounce at the dogmatic truth and we don’t dare to think of any change or compromise.

Orthodoxy has been discussed during centuries but nothing is sacrificed for the sake of opportunities. We are threatened with disappearance but this is in God’s care not in ours. We only have to keep our faith and repent when we sin. And take care of ourselves and of the others until that point where Orthodox faith is not touched. But when ecumenism makes us be like the heretics, then there is trouble for us and for them as well. We forget that we are Orthodox and they fool themselves that they are not heretics…And not only that…they even invite us to join their flock. If they ask for talks with us it is because they have discovered cracks in our wall. They don’t want talks about Orthodoxy. They know everything. Nor do they try to make us listen their opinions. They know that we know them.

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