My dear ones,

Forgive me for intruding the intimacy of your souls but the outburst of live talks or programs meant to replace the services from the churches make me tell you a few words about the meaning of prayer.

With my hand on my heart I doubt the quality of a prayer made with the phone in the hand or the bows made in front of the computer.

The prayer does not mean to get in connection with other people, no matter how good and well-disposed they would be, means only to get in connection with God. You have the chance to practice prayer in your rooms, as Christ taught us.

If someone of you is willing to pray, he should wait till his children go to sleep and then retreat in a clean corner, after he shuts down his phone, laptop, television and electricity. Make a vigil candle from a glass filled with oil, using a drilled lid and a cotton wick. The mere standing before a lit candle in a dark room will deepen you into prayer more than any live programs, even if those were sent straight from heaven.

The first things which is required from a prayer is to detach himself of all the earthly things of all the thoughts like the person who is shut in his own tomb alive. Practice this feeling and you will step for sure into the Kingdom of God in a sensitive way. From this condition pray first for your family and for the whole world, without many words.

If by doing so you will be overwhelmed by a profound peace, do not rush to read much. Make three pious bows before Christ the alive One saying the beginning prayers. Then read a few psalms: 102, 145, 33. Then say the prayer

`Hail Mary `three times and if you feel to say more than say that. Make a bow for each of the saints you love. Then sit on a chair or on the edge of your bed and stay like this keeping the peace you got, in the dark, without allowing any kind of emotions to take you back to this world full of commotion and trouble.

The fact that the cars are not heard anymore during night and that you don`t have to wake up early in the morning is a wonderful chance to experience prayer as maybe you never felt before.

If you have candles is even better. It is good to have incense as well. The pure smells give a good feeling to our soul and help the mind to recollect itself. If you are a faithful family, you can pray shortly with your children, but I repeat, that should be short, for not transforming that in a tiresome duty. But you must pray alone when everybody else is asleep, because most of you don`t have the chance to experience this prayer .

Make a live with God at the light of the candle.

I wish you all to experience wonderful moments with God.

And I`ll be glad if you pray for me as well.

Thank you for reading these lines.

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