Let us not open many front lines!

Today the people are very dissipated because they don`t live simply. They open many front lines and get lost in the uncountable worries. I put in order only a thing or two and afterwards I think of others.

I never do more things in the same time. Now I think to do this thing, I finish it and only afterwards I think to do something else. If I start another one without finishing the first I don`t have peace. When someone has more tasks to do in the same time he goes crazy. Only by thinking about them a lot and he loses his mind.

Once a young man came to my hut and he had psychological problems. He told me he suffered because he had inherited sensitivity from his parents.

`What inherited sickness are you talking to me about?` I asked him `First you need rest. Then you must take your graduation diploma and after you will go in the army and then you will seek a job.`

The poor man listened to me and found his way. This is how the men found themselves.

`Father, I get tired quickly when I work. I don`t understand why.`

`What you are lacking is patience. The reason why you can`t have patience is that you begin many things. You dissipate yourself in many directions and get tired. This causes you nervousness because you worry.

When I was in the monastery we had a worker at the carpentry, the old Isidor. Poor man he had no patience. He began to make a window and got upset, then began to make doors and got angry and left them. After that he began to make roofs. But he left everything unfinished. He didn`t finish anything. A part of the wood was lost another part was wrongly cut.

This is how some people torment themselves and they don`t succeed in anything.

There are some who although they have limited powers being able to do only a thing or two begin to do more and get tangled in them and they don`t do anything right and they draw others after them.

It is good for the man to do only a thing or two and finish them as they should to keep their mind pure and peaceful and only afterwards to start something else.

If the mind is dissipated what spiritual things will the man do after that ? How to remember about Christ?

Excerpt from With pain and love for the man of nowadays – Pious Paisios the Athonite, Evanghelismos.

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