The protection of the Holy Mother of God – Pious Paisios relates a story with a railway line

`Geronda, tell us something about the way The Holy Mother of God protects us.`

`I`ll tell you a story which took place in Russia.

Two neighbouring monasteries from a region of Russia were separated by a railway line. Once at the Patron Saint`s feast day of one of the monasteries there came the monks from the other one who got drunk at the supper.

Returning to their monastery the monks felt sleepy. So they lied down between the railway lines and being drunk they immediately fell asleep. Then the Holy Mother of God appeared to the station master and told him:

`My pigs will be killed by the train.`

`What does this mean?` that man asked. `What pigs will be killed by train?`

But the Holy Mother of God appeared to him for the second time and told him the same:

`My pigs will be killed by the train.`

`What pigs?` the station master wondered. He thought there was a herd of pigs between the railway lines. He went to see what it was and found those monks sleeping. He had the time to wake them up before the arrival of the train which would have killed them. You see, the Holy Mother of God as a Good Mother protects and takes care of her restless children.

Excerpt from About Prayer – Pious Paisios the Athonite,  Evanghelismos.

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