Water teaches us the right way of life

A saint from the Holy Mountain was asked by his disciples:

“You’ve been standing for so long on the river bank and looking at the water.” “What do you see here?”

The saint didn’t give any answer and he didn’t turn his eyes from the flow of the water. In the end he said:

“God teaches us how we must live, giving us the example of the water.” “The water brings life with itself wherever it flows and gives it to those who need it.” “It is kind and generous.” “It knows how to even the bumpy ground.” “It is just.” “Without hesitation, it falls from the roofs to the deepest depths.” “It is brave.” “Its surface is smooth but it can form high waves.” “It is wise. “It avoids the rocks and cliffs that are in its way.” “It knows how to endure.” “But its gentle power is at work day and night for pushing aside the obstacles.” “It is tenacious. No matter how many meanders it has to surpass, it never loses its track to its eternal aim, to the sea.” “It is aware of its aim.” “And no matter how dirty it becomes, it always tries to get clean.” “It has the power to renew itself.” “That’s why I look at the water.” “God teaches me by its example the right way of life.”

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