Priest Ioan Istrati

An old woman shuffles her feet through the church. She is coming to confess her. I read her the prayer slowly. The old woman sighs. Then she starts:

`Father, I  made all sins. My mind goes like an engine, not on gas, on trifles and foolish things. I judge, I get angry all the time.

Me: Are you in conflict with anyone?

`Father, I can`t afford at all to quarrel with anyone, because the people hardly reconcile today. They are too proud. And God forbids, I close my eyes and go in the tar for such foolish things?
Me: With your children you are in good relations?
`In good relations, father, because I beat them when they made carryings-on. I made my children with the prayer, I gave birth to them by prayer.

Me: How comes that?
`Father, I`m ashamed to say but when I was making love with my man first we sat down on our knees both of us at the edge of the bed and we prayed: God give us beautiful and healthy offsprings. And they were born healthy and agile, all six and all of them have faith in God. And I taught my girls too to pray to God to give them healthy and beautiful offsprings.

The miracles fall down from the skies like tears when the heart fills itself with love of God and people.