Document that throws in illegality the pan-Orthodox Synod: It shouldn’t have been organized since it lacked unanimity!

In the third line of the document from above, the representative of  the Patriarch John the Xth of Antioch, his eminence metropolitan Isaac wrote by hand in Greek: ”The Church of Antioch has an adverse opinion and for this reason does not sign.”

Great fuss was made about the absence of the Patriarch of Antioch at the pan Orthodox Synod.

This absence caused the absence of the Patriarch of Moscow as well, who insisted that ”even a single absence should determine the postponement of the pan Orthodox Synod.”

The Ecumenical Patriarchy insists: if all of them signed for the organization of the pan Orthodox Synod, they should have come. The doors were open for them all.

Representatives of the Patriarchy declared that all the 14 churches signed! But did they really sign all of them? reveals: NO, they did not sign! The Patriarchy of Antioch expressed its reticence from the very first moment!

”We have never signed that we would participate at the synod. We asked to be solved our requests and the Ecumenical Patriarchy postponed the dialogue till after the pan Orthodox Synod, thing that we could not agree…So, as you see there has never been the unanimity his sanctity talks about!” said  the representative of the Patriarch of Antioch for

The document published by clearly shows that: in January, at Geneve, Patriarch John of Antioch by means of his representative did not give his consent to participate at the pan Orthodox Synod.

This fact led to the absence of the Russians as well, just as they have warned, so that the synod has faced several absences, like that of the Orthodox Church from Georgia and the Bulgarian Patriarchy.


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