We can`t live without cross

Priest Alexandru Lungu

It is the Holy Friday set at the beginning of the ecclesiastic year. It is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. But who still takes his cross and follows Him?

We hear so often about this torture tool which today has become a medallion today and it is so easy to wear it, if it is possible expensive and made of gold and precious stones. But Christ was crucified on the cross and He shed His Blood and suffered torture and pain. Not physical resistance held Him there up on Golgotha before an angry crowd or the divinity and the power of infinite resistance at spitting and suffering, only love.

What don`t we do out of love in fact? Don`t we stay in our youth at the door of the dear one, bearing the bad circumstances of fate only to see her furtively? .

Aren`t we able to bear the lack of food and drink for days when we aim to accomplish something great? But for the sake of our children wouldn`t we let ourselves be crucified for the price of a momentary happiness?

Love holds you up in pain and suffering and its value is priceless as long as you demonstrate your pleading.

We can`t live without cross otherwise we would not perceive the impenetrable dimensions of this world. Loving and sacrificing we can feel in a small measure Christ`s love for a world He found scattered and damned.

Christ did not sacrifice Himself only for us who are fond of the church and full of endeavours. He also came for the sinful and especially for those ones, receiving from them more clemency and understanding. A broken and strayed heart is sometimes able to understand more profoundly the message of love than 99 hearts possessed by the pride of self esteem.

We can only put our hopes in the Cross and sacrifice and in the promise of Resurrection!

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