Answers at existential questions

Father Simeon from the Holy Mountain gives answers for the existential questions of men

Who is the best teacher?


And the worst teacher?


What’s the rarest ability?

The capability of giving.

What’s the best ability?

The capability of forgiving.

What’s the most difficult ability?

The ability of staying silent.

What’s the most important ability?

The ability of asking.

What’s the most useful ability?

The capability of listening.

What’s the most dangerous fight?

The fanatical one.

What’s the most unpleasant habit?


What’s the most harmful habit?

Excessive speech.

Who’s the strongest person?

Whoever is able to understand the Truth.

Who’s the weakest person?

Whoever feels stronger.

Who’s the most intelligent person?

That one who follows his own heart.

What’s the most dangerous attachment?

The attachment for the physical body.

Who’s the poorest man?

Whoever loves money the most.

Who’s closer to God?

The merciful one.

Who’s the weakest one?

That one who defeats the others.

Who’s the strongest one?

That one who defeats his own self.

How to fight with the problems?


And with the sufferance?


What’s the sign of a healthy soul?


What’s the sign of a sick soul?


Which are the signs of the wrong actions?


Which are the signs of the good deeds?

Inner peace.


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