Blessed is the man who trusts in God!

Saint Nektarios of Egina

How beautiful, how pleasant, how full of grace is the face of the one who trusts in God Who saves us, in the God of mercies, in the good God who loves people. Indeed, blessed is the man who believes in God! He is always his helper and he is not afraid of any harm which might be done to him by man. He trusts in God and makes good deeds. He put his whole hope in Him and he confesses to Him from the bottom of his heart. He is his praise, He is his Lord and he calls Him day and night. His mouth is beautiful, because it praises God. His lips are sweeter than the honey and the honeycomb when they open and sing to God and his tongue is full of grace and is moving in the doxology of God.

His heart is ready to invoke Him, his thought is ready to rise towards Him. His soul is attached to God and God’s right hand supported him. His soul will glory in the Lord. He demands and receives from God what his heart demands. It beats and the doors of mercy open for him.

The one who trusts in God rests near quiet waters and God gives him his rich mercies. God’s right hand will guide his steps and God’s finger will show him his paths.

The one who trusts in God will not miss his aim. His hope will never die. God is his expectation, the ultimate desire of his heart. His heart is sighing all day long towards Him: Lord don’t be late, rise without delay! Come and chase away from my soul all trouble! Take my soul out of prison! I will praise You with my heart, Lord. To You I shall address each word that comes out of my mouth.

The one who trusts in God, praises the most high God, his Savior and sanctifies His holy name.

He hopes and cries to God from the depth of his soul: ”Lord, when will You come and show me Your face?”

The one who trusts in God will pray to Him to allow him enter His Holy place, to see and enjoy His wonderful things and God will listen to the voice of his prayer.

The one who trusts in God finds his delight in perfect peace. Peace governs his hearts and absolute serenity reigns over his soul. When he has God as his helper why would he be afraid? Even if wars rose against him, he is not afraid because he trusts in God. If the cunning ones persecuted him he is not afraid because he knows that all these are under the reign of God. He does not put his trust in his bow and his quiver and his salvation does not depend on his sword but on his Lord Who can save him from the hands of the ones who fight against him, from the trap of the sinner and from the storm. He trusts in the power of his Lord and in His powerful arm and the Lord will save him.

The one who trusts in God travels peacefully on the path of his strife and he crosses the way of his inner toil without worrying. He ceaselessly works for the perfect good that pleases God and God blesses his deeds. He sows blessings and reaps the rich harvest of his toil. He has boldness before God and the temptations which surround him never make him get off his trail.

In the trials of life he does not give in, but hopes because where things seem unsolvable, God reveals him the exit. Due to his faith he waits and has the hope for justice.

Who trusts in God, does not put his trust in money or in his power but finds his peace in the help God gives him.

Who trusts in God is full of faith and love for God, he lives having boldness in his good conscience, he behaves like a son with his heavenly Father and calls Him for sending His kingdom on earth, so that His will be done on earth as well as it is in heaven.

Who trusts in God is completely devoted to Him and raises his heart to the Kind and Immortal God. He asks from Him the highest good and immortality in the Kingdom of heaven and God listens to him.

Blessed is the man who trusts in God!


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