When the nun stretched out her hand, he spat in it jeeringly

A merciful nun who was begging from house to house for raising money for the poor from a care home for elder people entered one day a house where the people were partying. Unruffled, she introduced herself and asked for alms.

One of the guests when the nun stretched out her hand spat in her palm jeeringly. Without showing any displeasure, she said: This was for me and stretching out her other hand added: Now give me something for those poor men. The person who insulted her didn’t expect to be given such a lesson. Deeply touched he offered more than the others and the good example of that nun made him change his life.

Excerpt from the Spiritual Orchard, useful parables, The Orthodox Book Publishing House, 2009, pag.110

Source: ganduridinierusalim.com


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