The ten commandments of Christmas

These `commandments` have the role of helping us to celebrate Christmas in a more authentic way.

  1. Do not let Christ outside Christmas celebration (do not let yourself drawn by those abbreviations and evasions that exclude Infant Jesus, for example Xmas)
  2. Prepare your soul for the celebration of Nativity. Do not spend much on shopping, on material things to get a bitter taste after buying them. Value the things which could deepen the meaning of the celebration for you: family, friends, gifts, carols, relationships, words of endearment, a positive attitude, a warm smile…
  3. Do not let Santa Claus to replace Christ. Tell your children the story of Nativity and take out time for spending it with Christ and for celebrating Him.
  4. Avoid as much as possible to  show discontent towards a postman or a salesman.
  5. When you offer a gift, offer a part of you. This will increase the value of your gift a thousand times and the one who receives it will consider that he received a treasure.
  6. Do not evaluate gifts after their price. Even a cheaper thing may mean love and this is more precious than silver and gold.
  7. Do not ignore the poor. Share your blessings with those who will be less hungry and better clothed due to your gift.
  8. Do not neglect the church. Its program offer you the true meaning of the celebration.
  9. Be like a baby. Nobody can enter the Kingdom of Heaven nor feel the real atmosphere of Nativity if he doesn’t become spiritually like a small baby.
  10. Offer your heart to Christ. Let Him be on top of your Christmas list. We will surely have more enjoyable holidays if we take into account these commandments.
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