5 attributes of a good spiritual father

Priest Ioan Istrati

1. Humbleness. He is not boastful, he doesn`t give unasked blessings, he doesn`t look from above at his flock, he doesn`t speak without being asked.

2. Wisdom. He doesn`t rummage in intimacies, he seeks the roots of sins, he puts in balance the relation between sin-guilt and repentance, he doesn`t exaggerate, he doesn`t understate.

3. Patience. He listens to the confession, he asks questions, he waits with empathy the self discovery, he doesn`t intrude intimacy

4. Prayer. He asks for God`s help, he prays with the penitent, he gives canons-remedies, not punishments.

5. Feeling. He is glad with those who are glad, he cries with those who cry, he feels in the Holy Spirit the abyss of pain, he doesn`t condemn the hurt soul, he touches with balm of grace the sufferings of the people.

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