How long should you pray? (II)

I don’t recommend you to pray in bed! But if it’s not possible to pray otherwise, then don’t give up on your habit. I only think that you don’t consider it yourself so appropriate to speak with the Lord, your God and lie in bed. Not to speak of what happens with many young people who… fall asleep before they finish their prayer.

Therefore, be wise and make your morning prayer after you get dressed and the evening prayer before you undress. Then when you lie in your bed, continue with pious reflections. In this way you’ll sleep more peacefully.

Do you know that wise proverb that says: ”Nothing can succeed if it’s not blessed by God?” Thus, if you don’t start your days asking for help from God, how could you expect happiness?

Look around yourself, my son! All creatures pray in their way and praise their most wise Creator. The plants open their flowers and send their life-giving fragrance to the throne of the Creator. Who else is praised by the birds with their sweet voices, if not the Almighty God?

For Him the bee is humming. For Him the butterfly is fluttering its wings rejoicingly. He is glorified by the stars with their brightness. He is the one who is praised by the thunders with their terrifying greatness. The whole creation prays fervently to Him, even though it is not aware of what it does. And you, my son, being a man with free will, would you abandon what the speechless creation accomplishes with such a zeal?

The most beautiful sight you can see in the world is the man who prays.

The one who prays lives quite in another world. He breathes abundantly the grace of God and drinks from the sweet water of the divine presence.

I told you, my son, in the previous lines, that the whole creation prays. I wanted to refer to its metaphorical meaning, for the true prayer is a privilege for man. Only he can consciously raise his soul to God and speak with Him.

Prayer is a great honor for man indeed. And this is one more element that distinguishes the man from the other creatures.

When I pray my soul fills with divine delight. Divine feelings overwhelm me. Joy, gratitude, love. I feel them all very intensely. So how could I not praise my Lord for this precious gift?

By the wings of prayer we can ascend to inconceivable heights. We can fly up to the throne of God, far away of this world with its trivialities.

Prayer is a power source for the hard daily struggle. You could say that your soul changes when you fly up above on the wings of prayer.

Therefore, come, my son! When troubles come and hit you like storms, kneel down and open your heart to your holy Father.

You will see how changed you will be after prayer! The sky will turn bright for you and the sea will calm down. That’s why you need the grace of God and this could only be gained by prayer.

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