Love your enemies

Starets Ephrem Philoteos

I will tell you about a soul who amazed me with her greatness. Here in diaspora a few years ago there was a woman who was left by her husband. Another woman came in their house, took her husband and left. This woman came once in the place where I had confessions and approached respectfully and lovingly. She knelt down and cried.

`My daughter, why are you crying? What’s wrong with you?`

`You know father, I am not crying for a sin, I’m crying because I want to see that my husband is enlightened and repents. He made the mistake to leave with another woman and sinned before God. He comes in my house with that woman, I receive them, I lay the table for them, they sleep and leave. I kiss my husband, I kiss the woman as well, I give them presents, my blessins and they leave. Then they come again.

`And why are you doing this my daughter?`

`Doesn’t Christ say in the Gospel to love our enemies? This woman is for me the biggest enemy since she took my husband. But I must love her. And since Christ asks from us to love our enemies and give ourselves and our whole love, this is what I do. And I cry to be enlighetend by God and be given repentance. May your holiness pray for them too!

Can you see the virtue of this woman? Won’t He forgive her no matter what she had done?

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