I have no more time…

I counted my years and became aware that I have less time to live than the years I’ve live until now…

I feel like the baby who received a bag of candies. He swallowed the first ones hungrily then noticed that there were only a few left and started to relish them slowly.

I have no more time for endless meetings where are discussed norms, procedures and rules, knowing that no one will reach to anything.

I have no more time to bear the irrational men, who despite their age haven’t grown up.

I have no more time for disputes with mediocrities.

I don’t want to attend anymore meetings where is promoted the swollen selfishness.

I can’t stand anymore the manipulators and opportunists.

I am bothered by envy and by all those who try to degrade those who are more capable than them and take their places, talent and achievements.

I hate to witness the weaknesses emerging from the fight for ranks and dignities. People who don’t discuss about content but are hardly able to discuss even about titles.

My time is too short to discuss about titles. I want the essence, because my soul is in a rush. I have only a few candies left…

I want to live near people who don’t have only the appearance of men.

Who are not bragging about their achievements

Who don’t think hastily that they are chosen

Who don’t avoid responsibilities

Who know how to defend human dignity

People who wish only to live in truth and honesty.

Essential is what deserves any sacrifice in life.

I want to be surrounded by people who know how to touch the hearts of the others…

People who learnt from the tough blows of life how someone can get power when he receives comfort in his soul.

Yes, I am in on the run but solely for living with intensity what only spiritual maturity can give you.

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