The dream of the caterpillar

A small caterpillar is going down to earth. Very close to her was a grasshopper. `Where are you going? Asked the grasshopper. Without stopping from her going the caterpillar answered: `I had a dream last night. I dreamt that I was looking at the whole valley from the top of the high mountain. I liked what I saw in my dream and I decided to do this thing.`

Surprised, the grasshopper said while the caterpillar was going away: ` You must be crazy! How can you reach that place? You are only a caterpillar. For you a stone will be like a mountain, a small puddle like a sea and any tree trunk an insurmountable barrier.` But the small caterpillar was already far away and could not hear the grasshopper anymore. Its small legs didn’t stop from moving on. All of a sudden it heard the voice of a scarab: `Where are you going so determined?`

Already tired the caterpillar answered panting: `I had a dream and want to fulfill it, to climb the mountain and look at the whole world from there.`

The scarab could not stop from laughing, stopped at a certain moment and said: `Nt even me with such long legs would dare to do such an ambitious thing.` And laughed while the caterpillar continued its way.

In the same way the spider, the mole and the butterfly adviced our friend to give up. `You will never succeed!` they said but the caterpillar had something within itself that pushed it ahead. Already exhausted to death it decided to stop and rest and find with a last effort a shelter where to sleep.

`I’ll be better` the caterpillar said and died.

All the creatures from the valley passed by to see the dead caterpillar. There lied the maddest creature of all. Its tomb seemed to them a monument of absurdity. It was a refuge good for someone who had tried to achieve an impossible dream.One morning when the sun was shining unusually brightly all the animals gathered around that tomb which had become a warning for the bold. And suddenly they got stunned. That hard crust started to crack and they saw amazed some eyes and some antlers which could not belong t the caterpillar they thought was dead. Slowly to give them time to come back to their senses that amazing creature showed out its beautiful wings looking like rainbow – it was a butterfly.

They didn’t say anything else. They all know what the butterfly intended to do – to fly to the high mountain and achieve its dream, the dream it lived for the dreamd it died for and the dream it came back to life for. All of them had been wrong.

God created us to achieve a dream, to live for it, to try and achieve it, to risk our life for it and if we see we can’t do it maybe we need to stop and change our life radically. Then in another way with other possibilities and with the grace of God we will succeed. Only looking for the impossible the men found and reached the possible and those who limited themselves at what was obviously possible did not go further.

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