Against the impulse to revenge

You can raise your hands to the skies, you can move your lips to ask for forgiveness and God is inclined to erase your sins but you don`t let this happen as long as you don`t forgive those made by your fellowmen.

So you are in error…

You suffered many injustices, you were robbed, you were gossiped, you had damages in the hardest moments – do you want to see our enemy punished?

See what will help you forgive.

If you make justice for yourself alone and take revenge by word or deeds or curses against those who offended you, God won`t stay to reward you, because you did this by yourself. He won`t revenge you at all, He will punish you instead, because you upset Him. In the human community if we hit someone else`s servant his master becomes upset and takes our deed as an offence

If we are offended by servants or by free men we have the duty to wait for the judgment of the masters or judges.

Therefore if among men it is absolutely foolish for someone to make justice for himself on his own, when God is the Judge, things are different

He commanded only this to you : to pray for the one who hurt you. What to do with this one He commanded to leave it in His care.

Saint John Chrysostom

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