When does the man surely remember about God?

Surely even the worst man remembers about God three times in life : when he sees the righteous suffering because of him ; when he suffers because of someone else ; and when his death comes.

Surely even the worst sinner cries three times in his life: when he is hunted by men like a wild beast, he is comforted by the hand of his mother; when being sick and deserted is visited by his lifelong enemy who brings him gifts and forgiveness; and when on his deathbed the priest tells him: don`t be afraid, God`s mercy is bigger than your sins!

Three times the man resembles with God: when a son is born to him; when he understands and receives Christ; and when he accepts his suffering for justice.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and evil – Saint Nicholas Velimirovich Predania Publishing.

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