Why don`t we receive help?

Sometimes it happens that even after an insistent prayer we don`t receive any help. Why? Without any doubt such kinds of situations sadden and puzzle us and they put our faith to difficult test.

Let us remember that the Saviour once told the Apostles when they asked Him why God doesn`t always answer to our supplications:

Because `you don`t know what you ask for` He told them (Mark 10, 38), in other words, because you don`t always ask for what it is useful for you.

This is what happens with us as well. We think that what we ask for it is useful for us, but if we see that God doesn`t answer to us, it is good to understand that it is not useful for us, although all evidences tell us that thing would be useful for us and we would deserve it.

When we don`t receive them we should know that these resemble those nice looking, but poisonous fruits and only because of this reason our Father from heavens refuses them to us, despite the fact that we, being ignorant, might judge Him and might say that He is not good and just with us and that He gives to others what we would deserve.

But we see He did not give these to us as He knew what we asked for it would have been without any avail for us. On the contrary, they might have led us to mistakes and sufferings God escaped us from.

Excerpt from New interpretations at old texts – Metropolitan Antonie Plămădeală, Sophia Publishing.

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