Why the young couples break up after a year or two from their religious wedding?

Holy father, I’ve been living for about six years with a girl whom I married last year. Please tell me what is the explanation for the fact that before our wedding we had such a good relationship, but after we got married, our relationship didn’t work anymore, it became strained, we cannot understand each other anymore, we start fighting out of nothing, she doesn’t want me anymore, she can’t stand me anymore and wants to break up with me. She speaks every day with an Italian on the computer and if I approach her, she shuts any talk and she even takes care every time to delete everything she talks with him. Please, father, give me an advice and tell me what prayers I should say in order to find the truth and how I should behave!

Because you didn’t ask for God’s blessing from the beginning of your relationship through the sacrament of the holy matrimony and you started your life together with the sin of fornication and you went on living like this, a devil (the devil of fornication) benefited from your sins. When you married, you chased him away due to the sacrament of holy matrimony and you aroused his rage against you. For this, father Ilarion Argatu says that he was degraded and mocked by their leader and sent back with other devils to help him to destroy your marriage that was blessed by God due to the sacrament of holy matrimony and to draw you back to sin and win you for hell.

If he succeeds, this devil will be rehabilitated. That’s why he fight against you taking his revenge, to win that one who is weaker from you and make that person go back to the same sin, but this time the sin is bigger, being called adultery, because it is desecrated your holy matrimony.

Your wife is in this danger and the devil fights to defeat her first and make her fall in the sin of adultery, dissension, hate, destroying your blessed matrimony. That’s why you should have a serious talk with your wife, with the spirit of gentleness, of understanding, of the good advice and explain to her what I told you now in order to make her know in what danger she is and maybe she will awaken and her conscience will be awakened as well.

Make seven prostrations every morning and every evening and say the prayer: God forgive my sins and my wife’s sins and make her love me again. Chase away from us the breaker of our marriage, strengthen our marriage with strong guardian angel to praise You till the end. Read the Akathist hymn The holy veil of the Most Holy Theotokos on Wednesdays and the Akathist of the Savior and of saint Cyprian on Fridays.

If you had married in the Church from the very beginning and you had had children fulfilling the will of God, you wouldn’t have had such problems and you would have had a happy, steady and blessed marriage. It’s good that you married but you must fight with this enemy who got used to stay with you, so that you can chase him away and save your marriage by means of prayers, fast and repentance.

It’s such a pity that there are so many other young people who make the same mistake and have no idea what causes their trouble and the destruction of their marriage.

Source: Why the young couples break up after a year or two from their religious wedding?

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