Do you want to know what a Saint looks like nowadays?

I have the opportunity to listen from the confessional to different people and to discover the holiness beyond the prologues and lives of the Saints, which seem like dusty books and sometimes tend to appear to us as fantastic readings, broken from the truth.

I have an old woman with a saintly life in the nursing home where I serve. If you knew what prayer means all the time and you had the opportunity to hear a person who lives it, without theorizing, having little schooling, but being full of the teaching of the Grace of the Holy Spirit, which makes the weak strong, you would want to stop time in place. She prays as a small child and breaks into dialogue with God every time, in the early hours of the morning, but especially in the middle of the night, when her own room becomes a fire. After a while you feel where Grace is and who knew God, just as the sinful woman in the Gospel knew Him. Touching Him, just like the apostles.

A nursing home can sometimes hide great prayers and true treasures of Christianity. Just think about the fact that a person prays and during this holy act becomes a dialogue partner with the Mother of God or their beloved Saint, who sits at the edge of the bed and blesses them.

Do you believe what I tell you? A person who, when it is around you, emits the smell of pure myrrh and its eyes are filled with rivers of tears that do not stop for thousands of years. Lord Jesus, have mercy on me!

I finally asked her to photograph his hand, since the face of holiness cannot be revealed until the moment of departure for the great farewell with God the Creator. I am a priest privileged to confess images of holiness, and then I realize how small and insignificant I am in front of such a pillar of faith. Hearts up!

Rev. Alexandru Lungu

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