How Saint Theodora from Sihla comforted Teodora Stamate, on the bed of suffering

“Little Teodora Stamate, the one just like the Martyrs, who suffered the pain of cancer with great faith, and became worthy of the miracles of the Divine Grace, often used to go to the cave of Saint Theodora of Sihla, whom she loved as her protector.

A few days before passing to the Lord, Theodora dreamed of the cave of Saint Theodora, and the prayer and the beauty of the Sihla landscape helped her to overcome those terrible pains.

Father Florin Stamate, Teodora’s father, told the story:

“He wanted to go to the Lord. Of course in that interview she told me that she felt very sinful and that she saw God’s mercy and I told you about that incident with the Father from Sihla, who actually came with a video of that landscape, which he had talked about she the night before and which the driver presented to the Father Abbot.

So she, in the evening, said: “When I went to the monastery, I saw a beautiful landscape there in the morning. You were sleeping, I went to the porch and saw those fir trees from Sihla. I miss that monastery so much, with that fog!”.

And in the morning the Father Abbot came, without our knowledge. Only that he called us that he will reach us and if we can receive him to pray. The driver took out the phone and said: “Teodora, I have something for you” and when he played it, it was that image filmed that morning by Father Calistrat, the driver of Father Abbot. It was a wonder to me, knowing that in the evening she had so longed to see that scenery.

Father Abbot said to her like this: “Teodora, it is beautiful in Sihla, but know that it is more beautiful in the Kingdom of God!”. I realized that the Father somehow had a spirit from God to understand that she would go to the Lord”.


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