The mistake made by so many who consider discouragement a virtue

Many people are in deceit in what regards this matter, because all those who consider a virtue their discouragement and their exaggerate sadness that follows after committing the sin, don’t know that this comes from a hidden pride and from prejudice. And all these were built on the hope and trust in their own powers.

These people imagine they are really something in a certain way and get a big confidence in themselves. But seeing in the trial of the fall that they have no power, they break down and they are surprised as if they saw something new. Thus they are discouraged seeing that thing they trusted, setting all their courage and hopes in it (their own self) broken.

But this doesn’t happen with the humble one who sets all his hopes and courage in God and doesn’t have confidence in himself. That is why when he falls into a mistake although he feels pain and sorrow he is not disturbed or surprised. Because he knows that what happened to him was because of his wretchedness and weakness that are well revealed in the light of Truth.

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