Heed your thoughts!

A young lady was waiting a flight in the waiting room of a big airport. Because she had to wait for several hours she decided to buy a book to make the time go easier. She also bought a pack of biscuits. She sat on an armchair from the VIP waiting room to read in silence. She put her biscuits near the armchair, on a small table. On the armchair next to hers sat a man who opened a magazine and started reading.

When the woman took her first biscuit, the man took one too. The woman felt annoyed but she didn’t say anything. She thought: How nervous I am! If I had been in a better shape I would have slapped him to stop him daring that.

So every time the lady took a biscuit the man took one too. This annoyed her terribly but she didn’t want to make a scene. When there was only one more biscuit left she said to herself: Let’s see what is going to do this shameless man.

Then the man took the last biscuit broke it in two and gave her one half. `With this he really crossed the line!` Being extremely irritated because of the man’s behavior she took her book and belongings and rushed to the boarding room.

When she sat on her seat in the airplane she opened her bag to take her glasses. To her great amazement her pack of biscuits was there untouched.

She felt terribly ashamed. She realized that she had made a mistake. She had forgotten that she hadn’t taken out her biscuits. That man had shared his biscuits with her without any feeling of anger or bitterness. While she had got so nervous thinking that she was sharing her biscuits with him.

Now there was no chance to explain herself or apologize.

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