Where do fear of God and love originate from? What degree should they reach?

  1. From Patericon

A brother askes abba Evrepie : How does  fear of God come in the soul at the beginning? And the elder answered: `If the man chooses humility and poverty he gains fear of God soon.


      Abba Jacob said : `In the same way the torch shines in the dark, the fear of God, when it comes into the heart of man, teaches him all the virtues and commandments of God.`


A brother asked the elder : `How does the fear of God come in the soul ?` And the elder said: `If the man chooses humility, poverty and not to judge the others and if he searches his soul for everything so that he may remember that he shall meet God, then the fear of God comes into his soul.


Excerpt from EVERGHETINOS – first edition 2007  Holy Monastery Vatoped vol. I, Theme 14 – Metropolis Press, Athens, Greece, 2007.