What to do when the husband/wife does not fast?

I heard him saying about fasting some things which impressed me very much.

In a newly married couple the husband kept regularly the fasting periods while his wife was not used from her family to fast.

She had nothing against fasting but she was not used with it. When her husband related this problem to elder Porphyrios he adviced him in the following way:

`You go on fasting just like now but never speak to your wife about fasting. When there is a fast your fridge should always be filled up. You keep the fasts and let her eat what she likes.

As the two husbands confessed afterwards  there came a time when following elder Porphyrios`advice the wife began to keep the fasts as well being well intentioned to follow the example of her husband

Excerpt from Anthology of counsels and guidelines– Elder Porphyrios,  Bunavestire Publishing.

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