Great Saint Martyr Mina, give back to the Romanians the strong faith in God

I would bore some people if I began to write about things which are self understood, as it is the fact that about saint Mina we could talk a lot and we could retell his life at the present time, as he is alive and acts all the time adding something to our lives which are always tending to have demands.

But we don`t want to write for those who get bored easily, we write for those who want to find out something about the simplicity with which goes on and is fulfilled the humble life of the mortal who appeals to an immediate and concrete help given by the Saint to people

It is propagated the idea that the saint martyr Mina is the protector of those who lost something, of those who were cheated and damaged in any way. It is not mere folklore, but the good understanding of the mission which the Saint received from Christ for which he suffered and died as a great martyr.

I know persons from whom I took a good habit I sometimes am ashamed of. For instance at every small loss – assessed as being small in relation with eternity and with the scale of the universe – I say a short prayer to saint Mina who believe it or not brings back the lost things.

When I say small things I mean documents seeming to have disappeared exactly when you have to go to a counter which closes in an hour and when it is the last day when you can submit a file, I also may refer at a key which once lost could put you in a ridiculous situation and in that moment you are brought to despair. And so many other things. Once he brought back to me even an interview which was not recorded on the recorder.

But let us do not become melodramatic. What is sure is that Saint Mina helps you and he doesn`t care that you are sinful and untidy and if you called him he came in an instant. He is a real retriever if the Saint allows me to call him this way.

I was thinking since he brings back to us, the Romanians, so efficiently and quickly the lost things if it weren`t suitable to ask him to bring us back all kind of lost things:

Great Saint Martyr Mina bring back to the Romanians the strong faith in God until the self sacrifice as Constantin Brâncoveanu had once; the power to be honest all the time – from the small things from home and the working place of everyone until the great things regarding our country; and Saint Mina give to our rulers confessors as Daniel the hermit was for Stephen the Great. And in general since the only thing you can`t bring us back is the past help us not to lose the time of our salvation.

Daniela Șontică


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