What to do the Holy Mother of God with the oil, to cook with it?

I am a very old monk of the Holy Monastery of Saint Dyonisios from Zakynthos. In this monastery I became a monk on September 17th 1935 and on October 1st I went as all the novices did to the Strofadia Islands. These are two small islands where is only a small monastery which has as its treasury the tomb of Saint Dyonisios. I stayed there for four or five years. Many miracles I heard and witnessed with my own eyes.

I will share with you some of them for the glory of God the One Who is glorified in His Trinity and for the glory of the Holy Mother of God. They said all the time: Our Mother, the joy of us all.

Once our mill got deteriorated and we had no more flour for bread. We thought about it, talked with one another about seeking solutions and decided to send two letters to our Monastery from Zakynthos letters we would put into two big bottles sealed tightly with a little money. We made the sign of the cross over them before the Icon of the Holy Mother of God the Joy of everybody and before the holy relics of Saint Dyonisios and threw them in the sea. In those letters we had written even the time when we sent these mails. In a short time one of the bottles reached the port of Katakolon and the other one the shore of Kyparissi. The man who found the bottle on the shore from Katakolon went and called the people to marvel at the way that bottled reached them so quickly taking into account that the islands were at a distance of 42 miles. Then he sent the letters to the Monastery from Zakynthos and in three they sent the worker to repair the mill.

From the village of Marathos of the Island Proti a few men came in the Islands of  Strofadia with a fishing boat. Once a widow from those places told the men with the boat:

`Will you take with you this small bottle of oil to light the vigil lamp of the Holy Mother of God and of ours? We made a promise.

`Of course we take it, they answered and put it in the hold of the boat.

When they were in the middle of their way, they said to each other :

`Won`t we take the oil of the widow to cook ? What to do the Holy Mother of God with the oil, to cook with it?

`Go and take it from the boat hold.`

One of those men got down in the hold to take it but the oil was nowhere to be found.

`Where did you put it? Give me the helm and you go to bring it.`

That one got down as well but the oil was nowhere to be found. They began to ask one another about what happened.

When they arrived in Strofadia in the moment they wanted to tie the boat on the shore they saw before them the small bottle of oil. They were overwhelmed by this event and they brought the bottle to us at the monastery and they said:

`Father, we wanted to use the oil of the widow for cooking but the Holy Mother of God took it away from our boat. You take it for lighting the vigil lamps.

Source: ΘΑΥΜΑΣΤΑ ΓΕΓΟΝΟΤΑ via http://doxologia.ro.

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