There are three ways of looking at people

There are three ways of looking at people. In what regards those we love, we see them better than they are. When it comes to those we despise, we see worse than they really are. As for those for whom we have neither love nor hate, we don’t see them at all.

This way of looking at people is inherent for all men. And there is one more which is peculiar to the saints and the men who reached wisdom and this does not exaggerate in any way, but sees everyone as he is, without being disturbed or exalted.

That is why the men who praise you easily, can defame you just as easily and those who show you a friendship without exaltation are safer friends than those who flatter you.

The even-tempered way of treating the good and the bad men altogether is a step towards wisdom.

Pr. Savatie (Baștovoi)



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