The normal men

Priest Savatie Baștovoi

The words of the robber from the Cross: `remember me when You come into Your kingdom` must be put before the cries of the crowd: `Crucify Him! Crucify Him!` This detail from the Gospel is a very important one and it illustrates the wrong conception we have about human wickedness.

Who are the true killers of Christ? The Pharisees? The Priests? Of course. ONly their legal power did not allow them to fulfill their killing plan. Pilate rejected their accusations of blasphemy as being insufficient for condemning a man to death after the Roman law. Then the leaders of the Jews resorted to a trick, they instigated the crowd to ask for the condemnation. The wish of the crowd was decisive in the case of Christ`s condemnation. Pilate washed his hands saying: `I am not guilty of the blood of this Righteous.` The crowd cried: `Let His blood be upon ourselves and our offsprings.`

See that the real killers are the normal people. That kind of man taken everyone of them in part is a good man. These good men made possible the crimes of the communism and fascism. Then after condemning to death millions of people these normal men work in a factory, at a school or a bakery. Until there comes a new band of criminal psychopaths and activates the criminal which was sleeping in the normal good people.

The drama of the normal people is that they don`t realize they are the authors of a crime throwing the guilt on the anonymity of the crowd. That is why they never have any remorse and they never repent. Unlike the classic and common robber who admits his sins and that is why he prays: Remember me, Lord, when You come into Your kingdom!`

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