The whole – more distinct than the part

The whole is always more distinct than a part of it. This of course is due to the meaning and unity of the whole.

It is easier to see the oak than the acorn from the oak. It is easier to see the carriage than its wheel.

It is easier to see the man than his hand.

Nature in its wholeness it is seen easier than anything from nature.

God is clearer for the sight than nature and everything that exists in it.

But if the man stares at the acorn from the oak the acorn it is more clearly seen; if someone stares at the wheel, the wheel it is seen more clearly than the carriage; if he stares at the hand, the hand is seen more clearly than the man; if he stares at any thing from nature, that thing is seen more easily than nature; and if he stares at nature, nature becomes more clearly seen than God.

But this evidence of the part is ephemeral, while the evidence of the whole is ever lasting. That is why God is the greatest and most ever lasting evidence.

Excerpt from Thoughts about good and bad – Saint Nicholas Velimirovich,  Predania Publishing House.

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