The look of the other one

What did the other one say about me? Why did he say it? How did he look at me? What did he think about me? What will happen now? And if? Doesn’t it? Do you think that? And the torment has no end…

I am the executioner of myself who left the opinion of the other one to influence my life so much.

Tired and exhausted in their looks, in their demands, the disease hits insistently at the door of my life, asking for my body after having asked for my mind. Before this is going to happen let’s cease and break this vicious circle of poisoning thoughts. Let’s say: It’s enough, till here!

Let them look at me how they please and no matter for how long. Let them say what they like and what comes out from their mouths. But I shall stubbornly do what I feel and what my hearts fervently desires. It is enough not to harm anyone.

I shall live my life in my own way. I shall live and die myself and there won’t be another one to do this in my place.

God gave me my life and I cannot waste it caring about the way the others look at me.

Priest Liviu


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